Dear students you are asset-source of pride and real makers of Pakistan. Do not be exploited in this era of 5G war. You must develop constructive spirit. Remain vigilant to fail the evil designs of enemy and be fair to themselves, parents, others and the state.
Remain ready for the future battle of life by maximum utilization of your intelligence and precious time focusing on the motto of FGEI’s (C/G) “Learn to Lead” on graduation from this institution so be able to assist in solving the socio-economic problems of Pakistan.
Pakistan Zindabad


F.G. Degree College for Men, Wah Cantt was established as C.B. Intermediate College in 1964 and subsequently raised to the Degree level in 1978.
Its administrative control was entrusted to the Federal Ministry of Education after ‘Nationalization’ of Cantt. Boards’ Educational Institutions in 1975 and later on given under the Army Education Directorate in 1977. All the Federal Govt. Educational Institutions (Cantts. / Garrisons) have been handed over to the Ministry of Defence since 1992 and are controlled by the Directorate of Federal Government Educational Institutions (Cantts./ Garrisons), GHQ, Rawalpindi.
As the head of the institution, the Principal is empowered to run day to day administration of the college and to implement the policy directions of the Directorate of FGEIs (C / G) issued from time to time. His decisions and orders, in all matters of the college, are binding on all students.
The college is affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad at the HSSC level and with University of the Punjab, Lahore at the Degree level.


1. Foster a strong partnership between parents, students and teachers to enhance child’s balance development.
2. An all-round grooming of students, which shall encompass character building, academic excellence, emotionally stable, physically vigorous, socially active and critically conscious individual of 21st century.
3. To broaden the horizons of students worldview by inculcating in them the universal human values of honesty, integrity, respect and tolerance.


Provide purposeful and quality education to the wards of Armed Forces personnel as well as of civilians, residing in cantonments/garrisons throughout the country by nurturing fine citizens' skills among the students and providing the healthy educational environment, so as to make them useful members of the society.

"A Great Place to Think Big Thoughts"


Evening Coaching Classes Academic

Evening Coaching Classes
class 6 to 12 (Boys & Girls)
Starting from the start of summer vacations.

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Used College Uniform Help Needy

All HSSC-II students are directed to donate their college uniforms for needy students. Mr. Ahmed Nawaz Librarian will collect the same.

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Uniform Teaching Policy Conference on 25th May, 2023

A conference was held at FG Degree College Wah Cantt to implement a uniform teaching policy in Wah Cantt schools. Principals and teachers from all schools in the Wah region participated in the event. The ceremony was chaired by Regional Director Colonel Syed Yasar Ali Shah, while special guest was Adil Orangzeb from Shamsad Islam Hospital, serving as the AM Operations and Manager. The event was organized by Associate Professor Dr. Asad Mustafa from FG Degree College Wah Cantt and Sub. Major Ziaullah Khan, the Controller of Examinations at the Wah Regional Office.
During the conference, the Regional Director delivered a speech, expressed his observations, and highlighted the shortcomings found in schools, suggesting the adoption of a uniform educational policy in all schools. To achieve this objective, a committee led by Principal Madam Saeeda Abida from FG School Number 1 has been formed to prepare an agenda for the conference and address the questions and issues raised by teachers and principals. The participants also openly expressed their views in the ceremony.
In the ceremony, Regional Director appreciated the services of Adil Aurangzeb and gave him a certificate of appreciation. Due to the efforts of Adil Aurangzeb, treatment facilities have been started with 30% discount for all the teachers of FGEI Wah region in Shamshad Aslam Hospital. The agreement reached between the hospital and FGEI was praised by DGFGEI Major General Muhammad Asghar in the RDs conference.

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Achievements in Sports and Curricular Activities 2023 Achievements

The college has achieved significant achievements in sports and co-curricular activities during the current year.

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